* Interpreting TIPS VBG *

* Interpreting  TIPS *
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1. You will need Good and Reliable Transportation as it is important to arrive early and be on time.

2. Communications is key, a good cell phone with texting, email and apps capability, Internet, Google,
   Lynguee, Zoom, Google Meeting, Whatasapp and Messenger, Glossaries, CheatSheet and Interpreting Resources
   will assist you in making the session go smoothly, be sure to make these part of your tool kit.

3. A professional shoulder bag to carry phone, pads, pens, charger, USB cable, a small extension,  
   tissues, breadth mints, throat lozenges and water is a must. All equipment should be fully charged 
   and checked prior to scheduled time.

4. Have Interpreter equipment, transmitter, receiver and headsets available, charged and checked.

5. Take a copy of the assignment requirement, with referral, contacts, location, topic and parties.

6. You need to be well rested and alert - don't party the night before!!!

7. Wear Professional Dress, mind your Appearance and Grooming (first impressions) - 
   remember you are at work now!

8. Always follow the "Code of Ethics", this is part of your professional responsibility.

9. Finally, Etiquette for the given venue is a must. 
   I recommend the ones below as a starting point: 

   12 Universal Business Etiquette Rules

   Business Etiquette

   Courtroom Etiquette

   Medical Office Etiquette

   Rules of Civility (In depth)

   Business Etiquette (Book Reference)

Additional Information and Resources for Interpreting:   

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