* Remote Interpreting Tips *

* Remote Interpreting Tips *
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1. You will need a quiet space, without distractions, noise or interruptions 
   (no door bell, dog, cat, bird, baby, music or other) even a whisper can be heard.

2. A PC, Latptop, Tablet, Cell phone and an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) are recommended, 
   a Line phone is optional. All equipment should be fully charged and checked prior to scheduled time. 

3. You should also add a powerstrip, extension, powerbackup (UPS), USB cables, charger(s) and headset.

4. All equipment used including Internet Modem, Wifi Router, PC, Laptop, Tablet, Chargers, etc. 
   should be run from an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) unit to ensure a power outage 
   will not cause interruptions. Of course internet service via an Internet Provider is assumed.

5. Install Apps for Remote Connection: Internet, Google, Zoom, Google Meeting, Google Duo, Whatsapp, 
   Messenger, Lynguee, Interpreting Resources, Legal, Medical, Business and Education Glossaries,  etc.

6. Stands for Table and Cell Phone so you can work hands free, office table or desk, 
   office or comfortable chair will make your session better and less stressful.

7. A good Backdrop such as a Book Case, Curtain, or Empty Wall will project a good professional image, 
   no odd pictures, distractions, statues, brooms or sundry items please.

8. Adequate front lighting sufficient for camera to provide a clear image. A small lamp nearby should work fine.

9. Have pads, pens, water, tissues, throat lozenges, etc. available.

10. Always follow the "Code of Ethics", this is part of your professional responsibility.

11. Wear Professional Dress, mind your Grooming and Appearance to project the right image (first impressions) - 
    remember you are at work now!

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